Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bike Riding, 101

I caught a glimpse of my next-door-neighbor learning to ride a bike.

This of itself is not news. What makes it newsworthy is my neighbor is an adult woman, Indian or Pakistani AND dressed in the traditional garb.

My niece, who first witnessed the event, called it to my attention. She recommended that it would make for a good blog entry.
I had to agree.

I think it's very commendable that someone well into adulthood would learn to ride a bike. It's not like when you were a kid and the adult in your life would hold you up until you got the hang of it. When you're grown up, you're on your own. Your neighbors will look at you like you're nuts, kids will laugh at you when you fall, and cars will blow their horns. It's not pretty.

The poor woman was sitting in the middle of our street during rush hour. She was frozen to the seat, straddling the bike, unable to move. I suspect the long 'sari' she was wearing didn't help matters much. After much honking and near misses by passing cars, another neighbor helped her off the street.

Honestly, I would have helped, but we were loading the car, trying to be inconspicuous while staring. And the naughty worm in me will be peeking out the window to see if she's willing to give it another try.


Anonymous said...

Love it! He! He! She was styling on the Schwinn. JC

Anonymous said...

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