Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Big Fun

Yesterday was the last day of summer vacation.

My son, his friend, and my two weekly wards (2 year old Doodle and wee tiny Blueberry) crowded my tiny abode on another toasty Tuesday. This was my first day babysitting Blueberry, and I was getting my feet wet. It went fine, with the afternoon finishing out in our backyard, the two older boys chasing around Doodle under the sprinklers, and Blueberry laughing at the dappled sunlight peeking through the Victoria Box tree.

The two younger tots were picked up early, and there was half the afternoon to contend with. "Knotts Berry Farm" , the two boys chimed. We all have a yearly pass, so although there was really only 2.5 hours left 'til the park closed, we could still steal a last bit of summer fun if I broke enough traffic laws (kidding). Off we chugged through afternoon traffic, arriving with less than two hours to enjoy.

The park was nearly empty. The last remnants of the home schooled, private schooled and public schooled roamed the park, with lines as short as we may ever be fortunate enough to experience. I only rode one ride, but the kids squeezed in several twirls and spins.

Low and behold, we bumped into friends, who joined us on our end-of-summer jaunt. One of these, Pook, coached my son in years past, and is as big a kid as any 11 year old. He leapt at the chance to pose with a person dressed as a big Snoopy dog. Sadly, he couldn't get on most of the rides; with his linebacker dimensions of 6'4" and 280 lbs, he don't fit.

Attention Knotts: if you can't accomodate a big guy, maybe he should get a price break, not unlike young children and seniors.

We parted company, and my kids went for one last dizzying spin on Silver Bullet. We bought a freshly cut geode for a souvenir, and fried chicken to-go for dinner. It was a satisfying finish to a perfect day.

Hmmm. School ends early today...

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