Friday, August 3, 2007

Writers Block

In the movie "The Shining", one of the more memorable scenes was when Shelly Duvall's character discovered the 'book' her husband had been writing.

Did you know the character's name was Jack Torrance?

News on the Torrance front has been pretty dry the last few days. I'm having a bad case of writers block.

I'm not sure a backhoe digging up the lot behind my home qualifies for news, other than the impressive time they started digging this morning - 7am on the nose. I must admit I really wanted to run up that big mound of dirt.

Nor do I think the peach crisp that I baked today qualifies for news - although I cheated and used white nectarines instead of peaches, and I didn't have any butter, so I had to use Smart Balance instead.

Discovering a replacement for the online game "Psychobabble" isn't noteworthy.

Oh, I just thought of something... Crazy Guy in Trucker Hat Driving White Toyota Camry.

I met him earlier this week in my rear view mirror at the corner of Arlington Ave. and Torrance Blvd. He honked, which I certainly didn't appreciate - the roads were busy, and it's the type of left turn you can't take too fast - you'll bottom out. Of course, honking at me, the curmudgeon that I am, made me want to move wayyyyy more ssssllllooooowwwllly.

Crazy Guy apparently had to be somewhere, and I was an inconvenient obstacle. He tried to pass me several times, weaving and infringing on my rear bumper. Which, as I mentioned earlier, made me ever so much more conscious of the 25 mph speed limit. I could almost see the steam exiting his ears.

He finally passed me, but just as quickly, came upon the rear bumper of Grey Van, who, I believe, was in the same mindset as myself. Crazy Guy lived up to his moniker. He leaped in his seat, gestured wildly, weaved and revved to pass Grey Van; alas, with no success. Grey Van positioned itself in the middle of the lane, denying Crazy Guy space to pass.

Gaudy expetives richocheted off the beige interior of that Camry, and leaked out in muffled groans.

Crazy Guy drove into the left turn lane at Sepulveda Blvd. and veered around 8 cars waiting at the light. Smoke billowed, brakes screeched. I almost lost sight of him when I witnessed the craziest thing of all.

He had pulled into the Rite Aid parking lot and parked. As we drove by, we saw him sitting quietly and calmly in his car. I think he was giving himself a time out.

Today, I saw him again - same time, same Crazy Guy maneuverings. I guess he's a regular.

If there's any police out there, and you're in the vicinity of Arlington Ave. at around 5pm, be on the look out for a late model white Camry. Crazy Guy needs another time out. Be nice, though. He cured my writers block.

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