Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Las Vegas is Hot

We've been in Las Vegas since last Friday, hence, no blog. Spent most of my free time at the Monte Carlo Lazy River doing laps - which I suppose is counter to the concept of 'lazy'. I don't gamble, nor do I drink much, although I did have a giant mai tai served up in a big football shaped container while at the pool. It was darn good too.

My son played in a basketball tournament in air-conditioned comfort at one of Las Vegas' many modern high schools. His team played well, and although they came in third, they lost two games by only 1 and 3 points. The third game they played was a blow out, and they led by over 20 points.

Althought the games are important, the kids have the best time swimming, playing at GameWorks, and bunking down in one chaotic room. A couple of the kids bought magic tricks at a shop in New York New York, and spent the remainder of their stay perfecting their skills in presdidigitation. Look out, Lance Burton.

It was hot everywhere, except inside. Vegas is steamy this time of year. I saw a stray dog wandering down the street and wondered how long it would last in the 105 degree heat.

Watched the news later that night, and saw that Iraq makes Vegas look downright cool. It reaches temperatures of up to 120 degrees. Couple this with the heavy garb our soldiers wear, no air conditioning, and exploding bombs and I realized I had absolutely no right to complain - I did anyway, but it helped me keep some perspective.

I wish all those soldiers had the equivalent of a Monte Carlo Lazy River, and a football full of ice cold mai tai.

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