Monday, July 9, 2007

The Weekly Gewgaw - Tooth Teepee

I mentioned earlier that I am a pack rat.

Seriously, I'm making a hearty effort to purge myself of my stuff and simplify, simplify, simplfy. I've managed to put my collections in perspective, and I'm making great strides. For instance, I've separated myself from some of my pillow covers (yes, I collect vintage pillow covers, wanna make something of it?) by donating them to military museums. I'm even throwing away some of my son's old scrawly drawings and art projects - like his endearing papier mache pig. Not everything gets tossed, but I keep my favorites, and the rest go into the recycle bin.

I think the breakthrough came when I realized - you live in a house that's under 1100 square feet, you can't keep everything. If you try, the house will explode.

Of course, those who know me also know the state of my garage. It contains a frightening collection of junk that threatens to swallow up anyone who ventures in there. But I've labeled 'cleaning garage' as a 'blue job' and hence, it's my husband's responsibility. (Blue jobs for boys, pink jobs for girls - taking out trash: blue job. Putting bird seed in the bird feeders: pink job.)

Because I realize I will never stop loving my collections, I'm posting a photo of a select gewgaw every Monday. I'm calling it (you guessed it) The Weekly Gewgaw.

If you have a favorite (or embarrassing) gew gaw, feel free to drop a comment. If you post a photo of your gew gaw on your blog, please feel free to send a link along with your comment. I would find great comfort knowing there are other crazy coots out there.

My first submission is an item called an Injun Tooth Teepee. In fact, it's a container where you store your dentures. This item is in such bad taste that I can't even justify my owning it, much less displaying it in my home. However, I have a rather distinctive collection of racist chotchkas, which I will gladly share in the weeks to come.

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Unknown said...

This is my Gew Gaw and it's from 1985. He is a Sprite from the show Rainbow Brite. I got it when I was little, and no I don't remember the show much at all. This would probably be more embarrassing if it weren't made around the same time i was born.
here is a link to the picture.