Thursday, July 19, 2007

Playing the Sackbut

A year ago, after a group of musicians entertained at my son's school, he declared his interest to learn the trombone. In the sincere hope he would prefer a more petite (read cheaper) instrument, I waited a year.

Trombone it is.

His first lesson was this week. The trombone is a big and somewhat heavy instrument. Before the teacher met him, I think he was concerned that he couldn't manage it. But given that Nick's a pretty hefty instrument, I think they suit each other perfectly.

His homework assignment: to sustain a blow for at least 4 seconds, to work on low, medium and high tones. Practice at least 10 minutes every day.

He's a quick learner. He remembered how to assemble and disassemble the instrument, hold it properly, oil it and pack it away properly. Although at baseball camp this week, he took the mouth piece so he could practice during the drive.

I'm determined not to become my mother, and nag about practice. I hope he works short and consistant practices into his daily routine without too much effort. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Tonight, brash bellows echo through our home. Mostly it's low blares, medium blurts and squeltchy spurts. It's a funny instrument, the trombone, definitely not a chick magnet. I think I'm going to like the trombone.

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