Monday, July 16, 2007

The Daily Breeze Sucks

Infantile, but true. Something left a suspicious-looking pod at the Daily Breeze - overnight, it was transformed into an alien entity, a gelatinous shell of its former self.

DB stinks, it reeks, it looks bad, it causes zits and adds five pounds of ugly fat to your butt if you read it.

The downslide began when the Hearst Corporation bought the Breeze from Copley Press. Hearst owns the San Francisco Chronicle (thanks to an anonymous poster for this correction.) Hearst is also the guy for whom the term 'yellow journalism' was coined.

The Daily Breeze was once a truly local paper. Now, to quote an insider at the Breeze, they basically download stories from the mother ship, bad fonts and all, in an effort to save money.

Today, I noticed the "Today" section was given the pink slip. A new section called "LA.COM" South Bay Edition was the minimum wage replacement. I think only two stories were specifically South Bay related.

And what have you bastards done to Monty and For Better or For Worse? Attention: Family Circus hasn't been funny for 25 years. The other badly drawn and unfunny stuff isn't even worth noting.

The upside is the Hearst Corp. also bought the Beach Reporter. Rather than spend your hard earned cash on a subscription to the Breeze, pick up a freebie copy of that, and save yourself a few bucks a year.

On second thought, pick up the Easy Reader.

Update: I forgot to mention that I've grown quite reliant on the Daily Breeze. Every day it arrives at my doorstep, wrapped in a tidy folded-newspaper-shaped plastic bag. I find the plastic bags are the perfect size for picking up dog poo, as they fit comfortably over my hand, have no holes, and are large enough to tie in a knot after use.


Anonymous said...

So sad to hear the paper's sliding in quality. It just makes me worry more for the incredible home offices for the Breeze. That blue tile building is one of my favorites in the South Bay.

So Cal Peeper said...

Yes, I like that building too. Nice mid century design. Copley sold the building to Little Company of Mary Hospital. I hope they don't tear it down.

Anonymous said...

Hearst does not own The LA Times