Sunday, July 15, 2007

Baseball is Loveliness Squared

We were in Anaheim/Buena Park watching my son play baseball with his summer team. Perfect time of day for baseball - late afternoon. The breeze moves in, the shadows lengthen. The grass shimmers. Bats arc around their owners and launch white comets to cut the sky. Orange stains on pants give homage to a stolen base. Best game we ever lost. The kids hit well, did everything right, but so did the other team. You can't win them all. Oh, well, there's always the snacks. Kudos to our little group of stalwart players.

You can keep soccer and David What's-his-name.

I've been googling 'Torrance, CA,' and not much comes up. I'm disappointed. I get the usual city government sites, real estate junk, articles that mention it in passing, or an occasional blog where the author admits they lived here/never want to see it again. How sad.

I think it's time I changed that (she says as the little bulb in her head blinks wearily.)

So, although Monday is "The Weekly Gew Gaw", I think I'll pick Wednesday as the 'Taste of Torrance'. I"ll be sneaking shots of some of my favorite, or least favorite things in this city, and share them my 'vast' (both of you) virtual audience.

Stay tuned.

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